6 Tips for Recruitment and Hiring Online

6 Tips for Recruitment and Hiring Online

6 Tips for Recruitment and Hiring Online

Posted by Christine Fox on May 17, 2017 11:55:27 AM

Within the past few years, Millennials have made a strong presence entering the labor market, making up a third of the present workforce, and this is expected to increase by 50 percent over the next couple years.  The influx of fresh talent offers an unprecedented opportunity to hire some of the best and brightest to strengthen our teams. Identifying the right people, sifting through an abnormally large number of applicants and finding the best person for the job are all challenges that can be offset with the right hiring tools in place to streamline the approval process, attract, and engage the best candidates to join your club team.  Here are a few tips on how technology is changing the way clubs hire.

1. Build a Careers Site

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Building your club’s career site means more than adding an employment page that lists your job openings and offers a downloadable application. A careers site is an extension of your club website that provides a vision of what it means to work at the club. To attract the best and brightest- be creative. How about listing the benefits package you offer, having pictures of the annual employee picnic and testimonials from current team members? Think in terms of a dynamic up to date job listing and the ability to apply online. At the very least, have your current website provider help you enhance your employment page or go for it and implement a true careers site.

2. Applicant Database

By capturing your applicants into a database, your ability to make excellent hires is greatly expanded.  If your club still has a file cabinet overstuffed with paper applications and resumes, think how much easier it would be to have this information stored electronically in a reportable database. When you have an position open, run a report of all the qualified applicants from the last 6 months, send a mass email to each asking them to reapply if interested and automatically forward the best resumes out to  your department head. Get started now, install an applicant tracking system , with the advancements in web-based solutions- no more are the days of compiling data into complicated spreadsheets, and manually tracking employee details through Excel.

3. Expand Your Base 

Where do you recruit applicants currently? Are you reaching your target demographic? Many of your employees are Millennials and Gen X’ers who wouldn’t dream of reading the classified ads in the local newspaper to find a job. Are you on internet job boards? If so, are you on the right ones? Here is a little tip you might not know – Craig’s List is one of the most effective recruitment boards on the web and it is extremely inexpensive and sometimes FREE. Check out a comparison of Craig’s List to other online job boards by clicking here.


4. Develop a Passive Pool

Now that you have your club careers site built out, consider how many interested candidates visit your site to see what openings you have, don’t find any matches and move on never to be heard from again. What about potential employees that visit your site in the off season when there are no open positions? Using simple “Automated Job Alerts” technology or RSS Feeds – you can enable visitors to your site to leave their email address and get a daily update of new job openings. Imagine how powerful this database can become after a few months… you have an opening and your entire base of interested applicants is immediately notified at no cost to you.

5. Evaluate Sources

Can you currently track the effectiveness of your recruitment investment? Do you know where you get the most or the highest quality applicants? You should be measuring both the quality and quantity of applicants and hires from each source you advertise with. By understanding where your best results come from, you can focus your efforts on these sources and significantly improve your return on investment. This can easily be accomplished with the use of web analytical tools.

6. Screen Applicants

Does your application include some basic screening questions? If not, why not? For any position there are typically some very concrete qualifications that will either eliminate or push particular applicants to the top of the list. By asking screening questions, you enable the ability to quickly “filter” down to only the most qualified applicants. For example, if you run the Jonas System and have 50 applicants, wouldn’t you like to put those with Jonas experience at the top of your list? Building in some basic screening questions (legal ones) can reduce the number of, and increase the quality of your interviews.

Implementing any combination of these tools will have an immediate positive effect on your club’s ability to make good hires, and spend less time on recruitment and hiring. Choose the tools that offer the most value to your club and get busy implementing.  Need help evaluating systems? Contact us- email info@clubpayroll.com  and we’ll provide guidance on how to implement all of these applicant tracking tools to be live in about 10 days, and only few hours of your time.

For an online preview of how we do this, Download a ClubApplicant Overview.

Electronic Onboarding .jpgStreamline Your Club's Complete Employee Life Cycle Online

Onboard New Hires with ease...

Rather than having your new employee spend their first day on the job filling-out required employment forms, why not send them out before, to be submitted electronically?   As soon as new employees receive a job offer, grant them a personalized, secure login to access your club’s onboarding portal to automate the completion of new hire employment forms.  In addition to having new employees complete paperwork online, provide them with their benefits selection, employee handbook, details of their job responsibilities, and/or first day information; such as, where to go, who to ask for, and what to wear.  

We have systems to help you automate these hiring and onboarding paper-pushing processes.

ClubApplicant streamlines recruitment and hiring processes with a custom career site, and by pushing your club's job postings to online job boards. It retains a searchable database of all applicants, and at 'time-to-hire', offers transfer of employee demographic information obtained to ClubPay's Payroll/HR System.

ClubPay's Onboarding Solution securely automates the completion, transmission, and compliant storage of new hire employment forms. Employees enter data once, HR easily reviews, approves, and archives the new hire employee data for integration to ClubPay's Payroll/HR System.

Schedule a Live Demo and Analysis Today!

Contact us today for a complimentary systems analysis, and find strategies to streamline your employee data collection and reporting.




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