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Posted by Christine Fox on Oct 3, 2016 6:47:59 PM

In order to effectively manage a club, decisions have to be made on a daily basis involving employees and how to manage them. Clubs take on the same risk as a large business when it comes to labor law compliance, but many do not have the same resources to confidently face evolving regulatory compliance, and many are finding liability for non-compliance costly.

As new wage and hour changes come to fruition this year, and the loom of Affordable Care Act compliance in January, systems should be evaluated now in order to prepare your club management system to meet the mandated reporting with ease.

ACA penalties on the rise in 2017

No more learning curve or grace period for employers to meet ACA reporting requirements in 2017.  Errors on 1095 or 1095-C IRS filings will be fined $50 per line item.  The penalty for qualifying employers not providing health coverage to their employees in 2017 is expected to be $2,260 for each full-time worker, up from $2,160 this year.  Additionally, the penalty for offering coverage in which the share of premium the employee pays for single coverage exceeds 9.5 % of household income is expected to increase to $3,390 per affected employee, up from $3,240 in 2016.

Do you have the right systems in place to?

  • Track hours for your salaried workers who will be entitled to overtime pay starting December 1, 2016.

  • Calculate full time equivalent employees and assess employees’ benefit plan affordability, or determine average hours worked.

  • Capture employer and employee contributions for health care costs.

Do you have right tools in place for data collection and populate accurate reports to meet the Employer Shared Responsibility provisions?  If you’re having trouble making sure your club is compliant – we can help.

Meet Our Club Payroll Expert, Scott Shimmell

Scott Shimmell’s in-depth experience in technology and integrated human resource solutions makes him an asset to our ClubPay team by helping client's choose the right technology and services to optimize their private club management system to reduce costs, and save time.

Contact Scott today for a complimentary payroll systems analysis and learn strategies that may help you streamline your employee data collection and reporting.  Email:

“One of the many challenges human resources and payroll representatives faced this year was Affordable Care Act Compliance; without the guidance and “hands on” approach by ClubPay’s support team, we certainly would not have accomplished this daunting task, nor reached completion for timely reporting compliance.” –Debra Lavoie, PHR, SHRM –CP, Director of Human Resources at Williams Island.

Tailored to meet Club Industry Payroll Needs

ClubPay’s integrated Payroll and HR solution share a “true common database” designed to eliminate double entry by allowing both your Payroll and Human Resource staff to access a single database.

Easily handle tips, multiple departments, and pay rates.  Stay in control with unlimited access to custom date-driven reports, ACA compliant with benefit tracking tools, and automated reports to meet IRS requirements.  

Our secure web-based system allows multiple location access, and offers a custom upload interface to your club’s general ledger accounting system, or import Time Keeper data into ClubPay payroll, for fast accurate processing.

With our fully compliant tax filing service, we assume the burden of federal, state, and local payroll tax filings; plus, printing W-2’s for your club.

icon-clock.pngClubTime Labor Management System

ClubPay offers an integrated time and attendance solution with bio-metric clocks, mobile app, and enhanced Club HR Services to help you respond confidently to the unique challenges faced in today's employment market. 

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