Attract, Recruit, and Onboard New Hires with Ease

Attract, Recruit, and Onboard New Hires with Ease...

Attract, Recruit, and Onboard New Hires with Ease...

Posted by Christine Fox on Apr 13, 2016 4:48:16 PM

Studies show each year, nearly 25% of workers go through some type of career transition; particularly in the hospitality industry most new hires decide whether to stay within the first six months on the job.  Replacing a talented club employee can cost two times the worker’s salary, and the monetary value is only part of it. A failed hire impacts your whole team by increased workload, poor morale and overall job satisfaction.

First impressions matter, starting with recruitment to making your new employee feel confident to work at their fullest potential from day one.  By implementing a systematic hiring and onboarding process you can improve the success rate of your new hires assimilation with your club’s culture, increase time-to-productivity, and decrease turnover. Here are some steps to help you hire and retain your best staff:

employee_wellness.jpgThe best way to ensure good hires in today’s employment market is to build an automated recruitment and hiring process that consistently yields qualified candidates.  In this case, you are looking for a high quantity, of high quality applicants in order to make the best possible hire.  To reach these candidates, you have to meet them where they hang out – on the web. By including a custom career site page on your club website, you can showcase the club’s positive work environment, and attract those high quality candidates to apply online.  Be sure to include information about your employee benefit offerings and culture – these things matter to today’s workforce!

To make certain you’re not missing those good hire opportunities, take time to write out positions in a language your target audience recognizes, and examine your current processes. How do you manage your applicants? Are applications and resumes stuck in a file folder and passed down to the department heads? How do you screen your applicants? When a potential employee visits your site to view current openings, do you capture his or her email address and keep them updated with your latest job postings?

With web-based hiring and application management system, you can easily streamline your club’s recruitment and hiring process to be current and compliant with employment regulatory laws.  An online applicant management system builds a custom career site, online application process, searchable database of all applicants, plus keeps potential candidates up to date with current openings, and then routes applications to the designated hiring manager.

Onboarding your new hire is more involved than only planning for an employee's first day.  The process actually starts with recruiting efforts, followed by the hiring process, then continues through the orientation stage, and finally settles with the first year of the employee's integration at the club. Onboarding plans provide a new employee with the tools needed to easily perceive your club’s culture and goals, while lending them support as they quickly get up to speed on becoming a productive asset. Ultimately, onboarding plans reduce turnover and promote long term employee retention.

Employee_Meeting.jpgCreate an orientation program that provides more than collecting human resources, payroll, and benefit forms.  Provide a comprehensive approach that extends throughout the first year of employment. The following is an overview of a successful onboarding plan:

  1. Establish checklists to define steps and time lines covering the first 90 days of employment.

  2. During orientation, then continued through the first year of employment setup regular evaluations conveying mutual expectations, employee progression, and set forth goals to continue effort toward integration into the club.

  3. Emphasize your club's culture including protocols and procedures.

  4. Implement employee mentoring programs to improve learning and training priorities, and outline job specific expectations.

  5. Initiate milestone reviews to communicate available employment progression opportunities.

Onboarding plans have the potential to make new hire transitions efficient, positive, and your club can be well on its way to turning those new hires into seasoned employees.  Benefits extend beyond time and money; a well executed plan promotes long lasting, talented, and loyal employee relationships.

Attract, Recruit, and Onboard New Hires with ease...

Rather than having your new employee spend their first day on the job filling-out required employment forms, why not send them out beforehand for electronic submission?   As soon as new employees receive a job offer, grant them a personalized, secure login to access your club’s onboarding portal to automate the completion of new hire employment forms.  In addition to having new employees complete paperwork online, provide them with their benefits selection, employee handbook, details of their job responsibilities, and/or first day information; such as, where to go, who to ask for, and what to wear.

We have systems to help you automate these hiring and onboarding paper-pushing processes.

ClubApplicant streamlines recruitment and hiring processes with a custom career site, and by pushing your club's job postings to online job boards. It retains a search able database of all applicants, and at 'time-to-hire', offers transfer of employee demographic information obtained to ClubPay's Payroll/HR System.

ClubPay's new Onboarding Solution securely automates the completion, transmission, and compliant storage of new hire employment forms. Employee enter data once, HR easily reviews, approves, and archives the new hire employee data for integration to ClubPay's Payroll/HR System.

Schedule a free AnalysisSpeak with a ClubPay Representative about how we can help your club attract, recruit and onboard new hires with ease.



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