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Posted by Tom Howard on Sep 1, 2009 5:17:00 PM

I recently read Noah St. John's The Secrect Code of Success and while I give the entire book 5 stars, there is one secret that I just can't wait to share. Mr. St. John has discovered a secret technique for achieving goals which may be one of the most useful tools to achieve personal effectiveness ever discovered. 

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What is the secret?

This technique is so deceptively simple that when you first hear about it, you are probably thinking what I was thinking - "no way this works". But, as you will see in a few minutes, it does work! It works very, very well and I believe it will have an immediate positive effect for you.

So, what is the secret? It is what Mr. St. John calls "afformations". Yes, you read that right, "afformations" as opposed to "affirmations". What is an afformation? An afformation, as defined by Mr. St. John is like an affirmation, only phrased in the form of a question and with the assumption of having already occurred.

As I said, this seems deceptively simple and if whether you are feeling skeptical or intrigued right now, I encourage you to read on.

Putting into practice...

Making afformations is incredibly easy. Just think of something you want, phrase it as a question and assume it has already occurred. For example, if you want to lose twenty pounds, instead of stating "I am going to lose 20 pounds", phrase as "Why have I lost 20 pounds?". This simple adjustment yields surprising results.

Since many of my readers work in accounting or management positions in private country clubs, let's look at a real life example for club management professionals. Let's say you want to get your financials out by the 5th of the month. We simply say, "Why do I always get my financials out by the 5th of the month?".

Now, give it a try. Think of something you would like to accomplish, phrase it in the form of a question and say it out loud. Repeat it several times. Take note of how you feel when you ask the question out loud. Do you feel powerful? Do you feel like your goal is suddenly more achievable?

How does it work?

To get the entire explanation, you'll have to read the book. I will attempt to provide you the Reader's Digest version here. The reason this works is that you are essential tapping into your subconscious when you ask a question. You are triggering your subconscious to look for an answer.

When you make a statement such as "I will get my financials out by the 5th every month", your subconscious automatically kicks in with reasons why you can't get your financials out by the 5th. You mind will start telling you things like "I can't do this, my bank statements are in, inventory is never done on time, I have to wait on others, and whatever other negative reasons it can pull up.

However, if you ask the question, "Why do I always get my financials out on time?", your subconscious will automatically  to look for reasons why you can accomplish your goal. You will subconsciously start looking for the actions that will lead you to your desired result.

Start asking questions...

Take our your goals or think of what you want to accomplish and write each in the form of an afformation. Get in the habit of reading your afformations out loud each morning and measure your results. Are you feeling more in control and getting more done?

If you decide to give this approach a try, comment on the article and share your results. Likewise, if you decide to read the book, let us know what you think. I hope it helps you get one step closer to reaching your goals.  

I have been practicing afformations for several weeks now and the results have been impressive. I will close with a question, "Why did this blog help so many people?"

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