Social Media, Hiring and your Private Club

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Posted by Tom Howard on Nov 25, 2009 12:30:00 PM

Social media is having a major impact on the way clubs recruit and hire employees. Gone are the days of a static resume and a list of references. Club management now has the ability to dig much deeper into candidates and develop a 360 degree view of the person behind the application.   

Passing Fad or Mega Trend?

I'll bet some of you are reading this and nodding your heads "yes" while others are thinking "not at my club". The question really comes down to this: Is social media a fad that will pass with time or does it represent a fundamental shift in the way we communicate?

Exactly what role social media will play related to employment may still be up for debate, but as for the impact it is having on the way we communicate, the numbers speak for themselves.

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Social Media and Employment 101

Let's look at the most prevalent ways social media might be integrated into your private club's hiring practices. The two most common ways employers are using social media include passive recruitment and applicant screening.

Passive recruitment simply means identifying candidates that are not actively seeking employment. Recruiters have been doing this for years but new technology makes it much easier for clubs to engage directly in passive recruitment. In a nutshell, this means searching for and pro actively contacting individuals that have the qualifications you are seeking but may be currently employed.

Applicant Screening involves reviewing a potential employees social media footprint before extending a job offer. In addition to drug testing and criminal background checks, many clubs are now checking potential employees out on Google, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn.

What happens in Vegas stays on Facebook

Club Social Media Hiring

Reviewing a candidates social media footprint can be very effective at forming a 360 degree view of a candidate. Offering much more than a traditional resume and references, you can obtain a more holistic view of "who" and individual really is.

Employers are increasingly turning to social media to vet out candidates. A recent report indicates hiring managers use social media during the evaluation of candidates as much as 22% of the time. More often than not, the results support NOT making the hire! Do you find this suprising? Check out the reasons why in the chart below.

What do you Think?

Does your club utilize social media in recruiting employees or screening candidates? Are you using social media in other ways related to employment?

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Will Social Media play a role in your next Club Management Job?

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