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Posted by Tom Howard on Feb 4, 2010 4:47:00 PM

Outsourcing has been standard throughout the business world for many years and its popularity is now expanding rapidly through the club industry.  The driving force behind this trend is related to the economic pressure many clubs are under to reduce operating expense. 

Club Payroll SmartSourcingOf course, the risk with this approach is service or quality will suffer. To balance the importance of managing expenses and maintain quality, clubs should closely examine their key business processes to identify which systems are the best candidates for outsourcing. Processes that fit well into an outsource model are typically complex in nature, highly regulated, time consuming or create potential liability.

Outsourcing makes the most sense when three key criteria are met - processes are done better, faster and with consistent results.  The types of outsourcing that meet these criteria can be considered "smartsourcing" partnerships. Unlike traditional outsourcing, which is commodity driven, smartsourcing enables clubs to partner in synergistic ways that decrease expense, increase quality and carry low risk for the club. With smartsourcing, you work with highly specialized companies that bring both enhanced efficiency and specific expertise to their industry.

SmartSourcing creates an environment where the results of focus, efforts and expertise actually equal more than the sum of the parts. With smartsourcing, clubs become less peopledependent to perform redundant administrative tasks and more systems dependent. Making the club stronger as it causes a shift of focus from "administrative" to "member-centric".

Current economic conditions make this a perfect time to consider a payroll and HR partner like ClubPay that combines club industry expertise andefficient web-based solutions to create value for your club.  Our approach is simple but powerful- we have done the homework and put together custom suite of integrated payroll and HR solutions, plus HR consulting services, by certified HR professionals to eliminate the headaches and hassles of payroll and HR management. At the same time, we give you expanded access to your information to enable you to make better business decisions. 


ClubPay_lg.jpgClubPay was formed in 2008 as a provider of choice for outsourced payroll and integrated human resource management tools focused on the unique system needs for private club labor management.  As a division of Jonas Club Management, ClubPay offers dedicated support from club industry experts to help clubs streamline their operations with acustom suite of web-based payroll and HR solutions- configured to meet club management accounting systems for a complete-automated payroll administration process. From recruitment and online applicant tracking, to new hire electronic onboarding and online benefits administration- all demographic information is digitally captured, and automated for a fast-accurate payroll process. 

Schedule a free AnalysisSpeak with a ClubPay representative about strategies to automate your club's payroll process with acustomize able suite of Outsourced Payroll and Human Resource solutions. 

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