What Role Will Social Media Play at Your Private Club?

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Posted by Christine Fox on Apr 14, 2011 11:27:00 AM

Since you are reading this post I can assume you have been affected by the buzz around social media and now it is no longer a buzz; social media is everywhere you look. Follow Us on Twitter, become a Fan on Facebook, even on local news or ESPN you are invited in to join their online community.  Does this seem familiar?  Lets’ think back to the late 1990’s early 2000 when the internet emerged to be a standard practice for businesses and remember weighing the benefits of starting a website against the fear of not knowing how to manage its risks.  Now having a website for business is a common place and is expected by the consumer when looking for a place to dine, vacation, golf, bank, etc… 

SoCountry Club Social Media Networkscial Media has made this same evolution at a much higher rate of speed due to the advancement in technology that allows easy access.  Here is my point, Social Media is becoming a common place for people to gather round and quickly closing the gap on being expected.  So the question is how do I use social media to benefit my club members and what policy do I need to have in place to manage its risks?

To help answer those questions I would like to share two articles with you specifically written to help country club management understand what members are seeking from social media and what type of club policy needs to be in place to help protect the club.

The first article is written by Scott Duke; Scott is a social media and web presence consultant who specializes in the business of golf.  I appreciate his opinion on the topic because he writes from a private club member’s point of view.  To answer the first question read: 4 Reasons Why Private Country Clubs Need Social Media

The second article was published last year in ClubPay’s eNewsletter and offers good advice on what needs to be considered when implementing a social media policy for your club employees.  To answer the second question read: Clubs Must Consider Implementing Social Media Policies

Share with us; what role will social media play at your club?

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