Electronic Onboarding with E-Verify

Electronic Onboarding with E-Verify

Electronic Onboarding with E-Verify

Posted by Christine Fox on May 23, 2018 11:02:53 AM

Labor_Law-1With renewed interest under President Donald Trump’s administration, we can look forward to a “four or five times” increase of worksite investigation audits in 2018, by the US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), tripling its number of officers and number of enforcement actions, announced Acting Director of (ICE) Thomas Homan in October 2017.  ICE is charged with enforcing immigration law and is scrutinizing employers on Form I-9 employment eligibility verification. Fines for I-9 violations can range up to $2,000 per instance, and some employers could face criminal prosecution for non-compliance.

All employers, regardless of size or location may be subject to worksite investigations under the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA).  As a result, employers need to be proactive and ensure they are hiring authorized workers and that their hiring practices are in compliance with the evolving requirements of the Form I-9.

Integrate E-Verify with New Hire Onboarding Online

Rather than having your new employee spend their first day on the job filling-out required employment forms, why not direct them to complete their new hire forms electronically?   As soon as a new employee accepts a job offer, grant them a personalized, secure login to access your club’s onboarding portal and automate the completion of their new hire employment forms.  In addition to having new employees complete paperwork online, provide them with their benefits selection, employee handbook, details of their job responsibilities, and/or first day information; such as, where to go, who to ask for, and what to wear.  With a secure electronic onboarding solution, your new hire can enter personal data, direct deposit information, as well as review and acknowledge your employee handbook, social media policy, and electronically sign their I-9 forms. Ensure I-9 compliance with E-Verify integration to Home Land Security.Employment Eligibility Verification

With E-Verify integration, once you approve the employee’s I-9 submission, and send the data by E-Verify; the employee’s information goes directly to the Department of Homeland Security for verification and the case results are integrated back to your employee’s onboarding record. When onboarding is complete, HR Staff will receive a completion email and login to manage/approve the employee documents. Maintaining a secure access for HR only, helps safe guard sensitive information, and electronically stores the forms for easy retrieval in case of an audit or government inspection.

To learn more about ensuring compliance with E-Verify for employee verification and meeting Form I-9 requirements, contact us to speak with a ClubPay Payroll and HR Specialist.

Electronic Onboarding We have systems to help you automate these hiring and onboarding paper-pushing processes.

ClubApplicant streamlines recruitment and hiring processes with a custom career site, and by pushing your club's job postings to online job boards. It retains a searchable database of all applicants, and at 'time-to-hire', offers transfer of employee demographic information obtained to ClubPay's Payroll/HR System.

ClubPay's Onboarding Solution securely automates the completion, transmission, and compliant storage of new hire employment forms. Employees enter data once, HR easily reviews, approves, and archives the new hire employee data for integration to ClubPay's Payroll/HR System.

Contact us for a live demo and complimentary systems analysis. Find strategies to streamline your employee data collection and reporting compliance.

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