How Prepared is Your Club for an Evacuation?

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Posted by Christine Fox on Aug 30, 2017 6:27:50 PM

This article is posted with a heavy heart, which many of us share as we view images from the wake of Hurricane Harvey overwhelming South Texas, and Louisiana, flooding more families out of their homes and communities. With more rain predicted to continue through the end of the week- no one can predict what recovery will look like until the water recedes.

All of us at ClubPay, send our deepest sympathy to all those suffering loss by the wake of Hurricane Harvey. And, wish you much strength on your road to recovery.

It's times like this, we are reminded to take pause, and examine, what would we do if faced with disaster.

How much time does your club dedicate to evacuation and workplace safety? 

Many organizations dedicate minimal time, if any. The mindset of "it will never happen to us", or "that will never happen here!", is a common reason for inadequate disaster and evacuation plans. 

How Prepared is Your Club for an Evacuation?

Employers of all sizes are encouraged to establish a dedicated emergency preparedness plan. Fire drills, earthquake drills, and disaster recovery processes are just a few of these types of preparations that help mitigate loss when devastation occurs. Organizations who encourage employee engagement in disaster preparedness programs and drills are more likely to have a favorable reception to the program. Thorough plans, that encompass detailed processes, and are communicated clearly to the club management team to conduct drills with their department, have the best success.

Some of the key components to an emergency response plan are: 

  • Having a Safety Committee with representation from each department
  • Holding regularly scheduled meetings and drills (quarterly or semi-annual)
  • Ensuring the workplace is compliant with OSHA standards 
  • Posting evacuation maps throughout the facility
  • Providing First Aid Kits and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 
  • Maintaining backup File Storage (Offsite servers, record storage facilities)
  • Offering CPR Training
  • Having a defibrillator
  • Keeping a list of emergency contacts
  • Maintaining Emergency Kits (non-perishable food items, batteries, flashlights, blankets)
  • Communicating and consulting with Law Enforcement and Fire Department Officials

Additionally, check with your facility manager to coordinate drills to ensure you are not duplicating efforts. Safety committees should ensure minutes from each meeting are recorded and communicated to the club leadership team. No club can truly anticipate the risks that it may face due to natural disasters, however planning ahead and designating proactive measures will help assure your club emergency response plan is clearly communicated to all team members.

"Workplace Evacuation Plans: How Prepared is Your Organization" The HR Pros: October 2014

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