Myth Busters Guide to Hiring in 2017 -Ep. 1

Myth Busters Guide to Hiring in 2017 - Ep.1

Myth Busters Guide to Hiring in 2017 - Free Webinar

Posted by Christine Fox on Mar 27, 2017, 11:22:47 AM

"Is it better to promote employees from within to management or hire new?"

Watch the first episode of our 5-part webinar series, Myth Busters Guide to Hiring in 2017 and find out if this myth is totally busted...

We asked our VP of HR Services at CertiPay, -Alfred Roush Esq. SPHR, SHRM-SCP, to help us expose the truth around hiring best practice in 2017. During each 15 minute episode of this 5-part webinar series, Alfred will debunk the myths around compensation analysis, when to do background checks, and if it is better to promote employees from within to management or hire new.

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Myth.Busted.jpgIn this 5-part, webinar series- Alfred Roush, will debunk hiring myths around:

  • When to promote from within to management or hire new.
  • What are the risks associated with Social Media screening and what is acceptable.
  • When to use background checks (3rd party) and what to look for.
  • How to evaluate risk of a compensation package for Golf and Tennis Pros.
  • Simple hiring systems to help save you time and money.

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Presenter: Alfred Roush, Esq. SPHR, SHRM-SCP, VP of HR Services at CertiPay - As an attorney, Mr. Roush also holds the two highest HR certifications, SPHR and SHRM SCP.  His experience includes representing clients through federal and state court litigation, as well as managing our CertiPay HR team in best practice development for employer compliance. With Alfred's vast experience with-in the club industry, consulting on HR issues, and development of policies and procedures for compliance.


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