Pleasant Valley Country Club Automates Payroll and HR

Pleasant Valley Country Club Streamlines Payroll with ClubPay

Pleasant Valley Country Club Streamlines Payroll with ClubPay

Posted by Christine Fox on Aug 3, 2017 2:53:24 PM

Pleasant Valley Country Club, in Little Rock, AR streamlines payroll data with ClubPay Outsourced Payroll & HR to their Jonas Club Management System. PVCC reports- extremely, knowledgeable, positive personnel as the top benefit.

Pleasant Valley Country Club. Hole_22. Little Rock AR.jpgPleasant Valley Country Club decided on ClubPay's Outsourced Payroll & HR Solution in December 2016, and were running payroll by the first week of January. Now, half-way in their first year of processing with ClubPay, PVCC's administration office has found more than just functionality and time savings- reports, Carol Schlitz, of Pleasant Valley Country Club, and states, extremely, knowledgeable, positive personnel as the biggest benefit of the ClubPay partnership.

At the heart of Pleasant Valley Country Club is golf, and the course is regularly ranked among the top golf courses in Arkansas; and the new redesigned practice facilities have been reported as the most complete in the Little Rock area, for members to fully calibrate their games. This past December, during the final stretch of significant course renovations to the 27-hole layout, and while preparing club staff for a successful open come spring, the PVCC's payroll administration office was having problem after problem with their nationwide outsourced payroll service company. "The time clocks they sent weren't working, and the accounting upload had money going to the wrong accounts", states, HR/PR Accountant, Carol Schlitz. Carol, went on to say, "Although the people were mostly friendly, they could not actually get our accounting system to work within their system, and after a six month period of trying to make it work, we stopped."

Pleasant Valley Country Club chose ClubPay's web-based, integrated Payroll & HR solution with custom interface setup to Jonas Timekeeper and General Ledger. ClubPay's Implementation Consultants work in partnership, behind the scenes with Jonas Club Client Support technicians to assure necessary reporting codes match for a seamless file transmission between systems. "As far as transitioning from one major accounting service to another, this has been the most positive of any I've experienced in my career" states, Carol Schlitz. From first contact, by Jonas's ClubPay Payroll Consultant, Scott Shimmell- outstanding service was expressed on how Scott Shimmell showed ClubPay's solutions could work to complement the organization's current systems, his product knowledge, and direction given on more specific inside dynamics. Even after implementation, Scott worked to assure service expectations were being met.

ClubPay's success begins at implementation by taking ownership of data conversion, and one-on-one training process with a dedicated consultant, who works with new clients for at least three live payroll runs. "All employees are very positive, and knowledgeable" says, Carol regarding her ClubPay service experience.

After the initial learning process from implementation, clients then have direct access to ongoing live support and enhancements for the duration of the partnership from ClubPay's Client Service team, and often work with someone who knows them on a first name basis. Carol Schlitz states she's most impressed by the service provided by "our guardian", Jillian Pittsley, FPC - Benefits & ClubPay Services Supervisor, who they work with mostly for system support, "Jillian guides with a sense of calm security, and gives exceptional, educational customer service on every call." Carol, goes on to say, "We look forward to a long satisfying business relationship." ClubPay, attributes their industry leading 3% attrition rate as a direct result of the knowledgeable people on their service team, who care for each client's success.

ClubPay's outsourced payroll service has taken ownership of processing payroll, printing checks, and filing payroll taxes; assuring Pleasant Valley Country Club's payroll is compliant. With ClubPay's reporting module, PVCC's Payroll/HR administrators have unlimited access to custom date-driven reports, benefit tracking tools, and automated reports to easily meet IRS requirements. This relieves much of the administrative burden on club staff, freeing them to focus on member-centric activities.


ClubPay_lg.jpgClubPay was formed in 2008 as a provider of choice for outsourced payroll and integrated human resource management tools focused on the unique system needs of private golf and country clubs.  As a division of Jonas Club Management, ClubPay offers dedicated support from club industry experts to help clubs streamline their operations with a custom suite of web-based payroll and HR solutions, configured to meet club management systems, for a complete-automated payroll administration process. From recruitment and online applicant tracking, to new hire electronic onboarding and online benefits administration- all demographic information is digitally captured, and automated for a fast-accurate payroll process. ClubPay acts as the exclusive sales and marketing division of CertiPay America for the club industry. Visit: to learn more. 

Schedule a free AnalysisSpeak with a ClubPay representative about strategies to automate your club's payroll process with a customize able suite of Outsourced Payroll and Human Resource Compliance Solutions 

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