The Most Common, Most Expensive HR Mistakes

The Most Common, Most Expensive HR Mistakes

The Most Common, Most Expensive HR Mistakes

Posted by Christine Fox on Jul 19, 2018 11:25:46 AM

One of the most pressing concerns we hear from club management is Human Resource issues- known, and unknown. Often, clubs either cannot afford internal HR resources, or unable to devote the administrative time needed to address their exposed risks. Hear from our Director of HR Partnerships at CertiPay, Rachel Comella as she shares the 'Most Common, Most Expensive HR Mistakes' in this 10 Minute video trainer. See how you can avoid these same pitfalls, and defend your club against an FLSA investigation.

CertiPay Most Common HR Mistakes Video TrainerClub Management's approach to HR administration can no longer be “if” we’re investigated and instead, needs to be "when" an investigation occurs- how to respond?

Being proactive in identifying potential HR mistakes before they become serious problems can help protect your club against costly legal claims.

Rachel Comella, Director of HR Partnerships at CertiPay has gathered analytics from employee law firms, Department of Labor, and clients- on the ‘Most Common, Most Expensive HR Mistakes’, as part of CertiPay’s 10 Minute Trainer Webinar Series

media playIn this short video, Rachel Comella shares the number one misconception made by many small employers, and how a single mistake can lead to a DOL audit, resulting in numerous violations, with costly penalties. Rachel also shares how to avoid these pitfalls by addressing the 'top five' points to help assure HR compliance, and cultivate your best tool to defend against an FLSA investigation.

Learn how to be proactive on the reported, ‘top five’ HR compliance issues:

  • Hiring Process
  • FLSA Diagnostic
  • Procedures and Documentation
  • File Management & I-9 Compliance 

CertiPay’s 10 Minute Trainer Webinar Series- ‘The Most Common, Most Expensive HR Mistakes’

HandbookNeed help with your Club’s Employee Handbook review?

Schedule a free AnalysisClubPay works to customize handbooks to complement your club’s culture. Let our Human Resources experts supplement your HR projects with ClubPay’s HR Consulting Service Options- with personalized compliance protection from certified HR professionals who understand the complex laws, and regulations that affect the club industry.

Meet ClubPay's HR Experts at HFTP FL Regional Conference, July 25-27th in Sarasota, FL.

Alfred Roush, Esq. SPHR, SHRM-SCP, VP of HR Services, Certipay, Live Education Session Speaker - 'Attracting & Retaining Quality Staff', Friday, July 27th, 8:30 am-9:30 am at HFTP FL Regional Conference

Clare Vazquez-Peace, HR Business Partner, CertiPay, Live Education Session Speaker-  'Controller or HR- Wearer of Many Hats', Friday, July 27th, 1:10 pm-2:00 pm at HFTP FL Regional Conference


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