Tips to Reduce Time and Attendance Problems

Tips to Reduce Time and Attendance Problems

And Hold Staff Accountable to Your Club’s PTO Policies

Posted by Christine Fox on Mar 5, 2018 3:40:18 PM

And Hold Staff Accountable to Your Club’s Time and Attendance Policy

employee_cost.jpgIt is good to allow your staff time off from work for their overall health and morale. Granting employees time off to recuperate during an illness, after an injury, or to handle affairs in their personal lives, enables them to be more focused when they return to work and able to engage in the tasks at hand. Too many absences, however, can be costly for employers and frustrating for other team members who have to pick up the slack.

When employees skip work for no good reason incurring a lot of absences, this is a sign of absenteeism. You may not be able to prevent the illnesses, injuries, or family emergencies that keep employees from coming to work, but you can and should do something about absenteeism.

Here are a few steps you can take to help reduce absenteeism.policies.jpg

First, is to make sure your club has a clear attendance policy. This policy should state your club’s expectations for attendance and the procedures for time-off requests—as well as the possible consequences for employees who violate the policy.

“Having and following a clearly written attendance policy makes it easier to hold people accountable to it.”

Military Family.jpgSecond, is to make sure you’re following all applicable leave laws. If your organization is subject to the Family and Medical Leave Act, for example, you may be required to provide job-protected leave to an employee who needs a leave of absence to seek care for themselves or a family member. A number of states and municipalities have sick leave laws that may guarantee employees a certain number of sick days per year.

interview_process.jpgMake sure you offer employees the option to take all the time off to which they’re legally entitled. You can certainly give employees more time off than what the law requires, and allowing for more expected absences may help reduce the number of unexpected ones. Just make sure you offer this leave in a non-discriminatory manner, consistent with your policy.

Third, use discipline for policy violations. If an employee has been missing work without a legitimate reason and in violation of your policy, you should discipline them. Depending on the severity of the absenteeism, you might start with an oral or written warning and then move up from there. Reoccurring absenteeism could be grounds for termination if you’ve given the employee fair warning and they haven’t improved.

Happy Employees.jpg

Fourth, step to reducing absenteeism is to create a workplace where people want to be. If absenteeism is widespread or higher than you find acceptable, assess your management styles and employee interactions within the club. Are people generally happy? Do they get along? Are there any issues of concern, such as bullying? Does your staff have opportunities to get to know one another and form collaborative and supportive relationships? Do they feel supported and valued by your club management team?

"You can stop attendance problems before they start by building your club as a workplace where people are inspired to work hard, do well, and celebrate shared success."

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