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New Overtime Rules on Hold: Now What?

Dec 5, 2016 1:55:59 PM

On November 22nd, a federal judge in Texas placed an injunction on the new Department of Labor (DOL) overtime regulations, which were slated to go into effect on December 1, 2016. The judge ruled that the DOL likely overstepped its rule making authority by raising the salary threshold as high as it did and by implementing the automatic increase every three years.

The Justice Department appealed the injunction on Dec. 1, but many believe the Trump administration is unlikely to pursue the appeal.

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An Integrated Approach to Employer Compliance

Oct 3, 2016 6:47:59 PM

In order to effectively manage a club, decisions have to be made on a daily basis involving employees and how to manage them. Clubs take on the same risk as a large business when it comes to labor law compliance, but many do not have the same resources to confidently face evolving regulatory compliance, and many are finding liability for non-compliance costly.

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“Should Haves” in your Club Employee Handbook, II

Mar 17, 2015 3:45:00 PM

Part 2: 8 Ways to Foster Best Staff and Showcase your Club’s Work Culture

In part one of this two part article post we covered a few club-specific policy considerations for your Employee Handbook to help protect your club’s reputation and liability. Today, in part two we will share 8 ways your Club Employee Handbook can help motivate your team, retain your best staff, ensure compliance, and how these aspects work to promote your club’s culture and reputation for excellence.

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“Should Haves” in your Club Employee Handbook

Feb 24, 2015 4:15:00 PM

Part 1: Interpersonal Relationships Policy between Club Staff and the Membership

Building member relationships is the cornerstone of success for private club operations and one of the most important aspects to attain consistent, quality relationships is by retaining your best staff for many years.  Perhaps the most important tool to foster your employees and help assure your club culture is not compromised by complacency in standards of conduct is your Employee Handbook.  We will share some “should haves” in your Employee Handbook to help promote your club culture, develop confident, productive employees, and inspire pride within your staff to be a part of your exceptional organization.  Plus, we will offer advice on some club-specific policies regarding employee and member relationships.

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Q&A: When Are Work Breaks Paid?

Jan 23, 2015 10:43:00 AM

Federal and State requirements as to the length and timing of breaks that you are required to compensate for presents many questions regarding compliance and ensuring employee's adhere to Club policy.  Here we will address a few questions on how to compensate for work breaks appropriately.

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ClubPay Clients Success: FAQ we hear from Clubs…

Dec 19, 2014 4:23:00 PM

Last month we held a webinar presentation for our ClubPay Clients to show how ClubPay’s reporting enhancements can be utilized to easily comply with upcoming ACA requirements, and we covered a few of the most Frequently Asked Questions our Client Service Team has received from our Clubs regarding common compliance concerns.  To help ensure awareness of the information we covered for our Clients and other Clubs who may be interested, we put together a summary of our discussion, plus examples of the ACA compliance reports shown. 

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How to Set Up Your Club’s Projects for Success

Oct 28, 2014 5:29:00 PM

I’m going out on a limb here to share my personal experience on a summer project I was tasked with and how working with people who Care, made what I thought was impossible, possible.  Typically, I post Club Management and HR Education articles on behalf of ClubPay; however today, my hope is by sharing a few insights of my project journey some might resonate to help with your next Club project. The first step to implement any successful project starts with people who Care to help you through.

How do people who Care, define Care?

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Background Checks – What Your Club Can, and Cannot Do…

Sep 29, 2014 9:13:00 AM

Use of available background information in your Club’s hiring and employment decisions is critical to its success. However and very importantly, there is an ever-evolving minefield of legal risk associated with the use of background information when qualifying a candidate.  During this hiring season, it is a good time to examine your current processes and be aware of what you can and cannot do with respect to background checks and  information.

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Club Employee On-boarding: New Hire Prepping Tips

Jul 14, 2014 4:51:00 PM

Attract, Recruit, and Onboard New Hires with ease...

Studies show each year, nearly 25% of workers go through some type of career transition; particularly in the hospitality industry some studies show that most new hires decide whether to stay within the first six months on the job.  Replacing a talented club employee can cost two times the worker’s salary and monetary value is only part of it.  A failed hire impacts your whole team by increased workload, poor morale and overall job satisfaction. 

First impressions matter, starting with recruitment to making your new employee feel confident to work at their fullest potential from day one. By implementing a systematic hiring and onboarding process you can improve the success rate of your new hires assimilation with your club culture, increase time-to-productivity, and decrease turnover.  Here are some steps to help you retain your best staff: 

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Help Avoid a DOL Wage and Hour Audit - Webinar Download

Jun 27, 2014 11:59:00 AM

Because of EEOC’s renewed focus on facially neutral employer policies that may have a “disparate impact” on protected classes of employees; it is prudent for Club Management to be thoroughly reviewing and auditing your Club’s policies and pay practices with an HR or Employment Law Professional.

For details about EEOC’s Strategic Plan and why all the hype now, when enforcement hasn’t been an issue… continue reading: Why it is Vital to Audit Your Club’s Pay Policies

How can HRO help?

The vast majority of Clubs opt for an “outsourced” strategy to relieve administrative burden, gain expertise and prevent liability. Clubs need protection more than a large company, yet many times either cannot afford the internal HR resources or aren’t really aware of their true exposure as an employer.  Given the trend towards Club Controller’s taking on increasing HR related responsibilities, and due to the current, sometimes confusing Federal and State employment regulations being imposed, an HRO approach has accelerated as a popular choice for Clubs “doing more for less”.  Even the most efficient employers and HR administrators are unable to devote the time required to make meaningful changes to Club policies and procedures.  Partnering with an HR Outsourcer helps an employer achieve relief.  Other reasons to outsource include:

  1. Access to outside expertise.
  2. Remain up-to-date with rapidly changing employment environment.
  3. Eliminate high volume of low-value transactional activities.
  4. Reduce management distractions away from core business.
  5. Leverage existing staff to focus on key competencies.

Partnering with an HR Outsourcing Service can help mitigate HR issues but also, can offer greater budget flexibility and control.  Club’s now have the flexibility to pay for HR service in areas they need and professional HR expertise when they need it.

Our HRO Service… We assist each ClubPay HRO client with an initial assessment of their current HR practices and procedures to ensure we work as a partner for future growth.  To address the diverse needs of each Club HRO client we start the assessment with a custom employee handbook and build from there to determine what, if any future advanced HR support will be required.  Our HRO platform ensures that every client receives not only compliance protection, but also provides an opportunity to take advantage of our advanced Club HR Consulting services.

For a full list of ClubPay's HRO Services, View Brochure Here

Is your Club prepared for a Wage and Hour Audit? Not sure how to respond. Download our complimentary HR Education Webinar discussion on ways to help your Club avoid or respond to a DOL Wage and Hour audit.  



The time to consider an HR Strategy at your Club has passed; now is the time to implement an HR Strategy!

Are there aspects of your Club’s existing HR practices that are unsatisfactory or could benefit from improvement?  

Contact Us and learn how our HRO Service Assessment can help.  








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