Some of the most valuable benefits of ClubPay Payroll Processing are:

Tailored to Private Club Payroll Needs

ClubPay's outsourced payroll processing solution includes dozens of useful features to address issues commonly faced by clubs including pay calculators, retro pay calculator, benefits calculators, multiple departments, multiple pay rates, variable/weighted average overtime calculation, re-hire functionality and more. You can even custom configure a “total employee benefit statement” detailing the complete compensation package for each employee.

Fast Payroll Processing

ClubPay's outsourced payroll solution streamlines your payroll workflow to reduce paperwork and the amount of time you spend processing payroll. We offer the convenience of true web-based input with the flexibility to phone or fax your payroll information if needed. Upload hours from our labor management solution or from your existing timekeeping system and quickly generate a file to update your general ledger. Payroll processing is fast; less than 15 minutes and once processing is complete, your data is immediately available for reporting.

Full Tax Filing Services

ClubPay payroll processing completely assumes the burden of tax filing for your club. This saves you valuable time and protects you from liability related to the ever changing regulations surrounding payroll and tax law. Our tax services include the deposit of federal, state and local taxes, quarterly and annual tax filings and printing of W-2's. We are fully compliant with all government regulations giving you one less thing to worry about.

Complete Reminder System

Never forget another important date or deadline. Our reminder system allows you to set flags to remind of you of every important payroll and hr deadline. Log reminders for benefits eligibility date, performance reviews or any other time sensitive task. Upon log-in, users are prompted to complete any task that has been previously flagged for a "reminder".

Flexible Payment Solutions

ClubPay offers a wide variety of payment solutions including paper checks, direct deposit (unlimited accounts) and Pay Cards. We will print and overnight the checks to you or you may print them from the comfort of your office. Our “Total Pay” provides a convenient and secure method to relieve the burden of reconciling multiple payroll transactions.

Powered by CertiPay

ClubPay is powered by CertiPay, a leading national provider of payroll processing and human resource management tools to the mid-size business market. CertiPay is known for its advanced technology and commitment to unparalleled customer service. 

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